Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What i've become

Hey everyone this is my first blog... Just to fill you in on what i've been doing for the past few years...

Well after High school I went to COSMETOLOGY school, met some wonderful people that I will always remember! I lived in Lawrence for about a year and decided for my career it was best to move home to Topeka.

So I started at a salon called Legends where I started to build my clientel, thank god for my family and friends it got me through my first few years! So its been almost 4 years since I began my career and every year I feel more and more confident in why I chose it! My job is amazing, I get to spend 8 hours give or take out of my day to talk to amazing people. I just feel so privledged to be where I am in my life.

So now im at a salon called ALLURE hair studio, its modern its fresh it full of amazing stylist and clients that is hard to find, especially in Topeka. Most of us have been together 4 years and more and we feel more like family than employees.

Now thats my career! This is what I'm doing when I'm off..

I have 3 crazy roomates, Lizzy (sister), Mark (almost bro in-law) & Lyndsi (friend) and of course our farm, no not really just we have waaay to many pets...we have 2 cats Pickles and MAddy, and I have my baby dog Alfie, full of surprises! So we all have a house together and we keep each other pretty entertained always something going on!

My friends are everywhere, from old friends to new friends i still seem to keep in touch with a majority of them. One thing I can say is i have wonderful caring friends!

Well that is just a sum up keep in touch to see what will become!